Underfloor heating Cornwall - system in new residential house

Underfloor Heating in Cornwall

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Ever dreamed of stepping out of bed onto a toasty warm floor?

Efficient, space-saving and easy-to-install, underfloor heating is a great way to reduce your carbon footprint, lower energy costs and enjoy a little bit of luxury at home.

Why choose underfloor heating?

icon echoEco-Friendly

Underfloor heating uses as little as two-thirds of the energy needed for standard central heating, making it much kinder to the planet.

icon eco houseReduce Your Energy Bills

High energy-efficiency means lower running costs, saving you money in the long run.

icon sofaSave Space

Say goodbye to bulky radiators and pipes. Our discreet systems free up space and give your rooms a clean finish.

icon heaterToasty Home

Heat is distributed evenly, meaning your rooms warm up quickly and stay that way for longer.

icon underfloor heatingVersatile

Underfloor heating is not just for bathrooms! Install below stone, tile, wood and even carpeted floors in your bedroom, kitchen, lounge or office.


Our experienced engineers will install your new system cleanly, safely and efficiently.

Thinking of switching to underfloor heating?

Boilers You Can Count On

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